On this freezing-your-tootsies-off cold November day, I'm dreaming of summer. And dreaming of this fabulous shoot with the Worley family. Because on days like today, when we're bundled up and stuck inside, I wish it was a perfect 75 degree night and I could wander through fields and climb trees and breathe in those final days of summer. 

I first met TC last year around this time after following his photography when I was a student at MCTC - and he's as true and cool as they come. He's half of the dream team over at Royal Antler and jets off around the world for these rad shoots for magazines like, oh, I don't know, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. I mean, no big deal, right? :)

But that's the thing. TC is totally unassuming and just rad. And then I met his crew: Bekah, Jack and Boone. And they rocked my non-existant-summer-socks off. 

Here's a little note I wrote them after our shoot:

Dear Worley family,

I wish in my biggest dreams that I could somehow, someway, photograph you four every day. The way you love on each other and have the utmost respect for each other and all of your dreams makes you hands down, one of the coolest, most genuine families around. My life is fuller having spent time in the woods together, walking and talking and you being you. You brought your A game from the very beginning and I couldn't have asked for more.

Jack and Boone? The way you face life with an unbridled sense of adventure is an overwhelming inspiration. Promise me one thing : you'll always stay this awesome. TC and Bekah? The way you are with each other and with the boys makes you hands down the raddest ever. You walked straight out of my ideal client dreams and into my lens. 

Thank you for giving me the shoot of a lifetime and we really hope you invite us back to climb that tree in your backyard soon. I promise I'll have more jokes and wear play clothes, as long as we can get marshmallow shakes.