Let me start by saying that I have been a cheerleader of this family for the last decade! When I make a list of things and people that fire me up and make me leap out of bed in the morning, it's people like these three. Their support and encouragement of this business has been unwavering and likewise, I love seeing their Facebook posts and photos of their growing family - every time we see each other, they're celebrating another beautiful milestone!

We celebrated Nolan's one year birthday with a session at the Minnehaha Falls - where we've been numerous times before and somehow, someway, each session looks a little bit different. Being the moving, grooving one year old he is, Nolan kept us laughing and smiling the entire session. Can you believe his cuteness?! Those eyes, his Toy Story Andy boots, his cowboy hat and that shirt just like his Dad. I adore these images, but even more, I adore the people in them.

These three are the reason why I'm doing this gig full-time. Telling their story and giving them these images feels like everything I was born to do. I'm so grateful for families like these guys, for the ability to do this "good work" and even more so for the gift they've given me: they trust me completely and are so open and honest when it comes to story telling. It's true that God has blessed them so richly and he will continue to do so - I can't wait to see how their story unfolds and I pray I get the honor and privilege of telling it!

I love you three. To infinity and beyond.