[Side note: this Monday begins a series on this cute little blog called "Mitzvah Mondays," where I'll post anything and everything Mitzvah-related! From my favorite vendors, to trends, to families I've been blessed to work with - enjoy, friends!]

You know that moment when you meet a family and you instantly wish they would adopt you? For me, that family is the Seigels. They hired me immediately upon meeting back in spring 2010 for Ana's Bat Mitzvah (see the post here!) and as I was saying goodnight, Gail told me "September 1 2012. I'm booking you NOW because you are going to be so HOT by then!" Of course, I put the date on my calendar and two years passed by in a flash.

Labor Day weekend 2012 came and Michael, Ana's little brother, had his Bar Mitzvah. I was there to document every moment from rehearsal to party and for me? This was the event of 2012 that I adored the most. From Michael's bowtie to seeing the family again to Gail's unending attention to amazing details to working with Ross from A-List at the party on Saturday - I loved every single second. This event reminded me of the reasons why I wake up in love with this life every day: the families I get to work with, that trust me enough to let me in and spend time with them, ultimately giving them these images they will (hopefully) treasure forever. 

Most of these images are Gail's personal favorites and a few of mine too. Mrs. Seigel has referred almost every single Bar & Bat Mitzvah client to me over the last 4 years and I could not be more grateful! She is an amazing supporter and lead coordinator of Team Syd - I love her for that! Thank you, Gail, for your unwavering support of this business. I am forever indebted to you.

Here are the images we love the most from Michael's big weekend - I wish I did video or audio at least, because this kid? You'll see him on a comedy stage any day now. He's hilarious! He's a pure delight! Mazel Tov, Michael!