Part Two of Eva's Bat Mitzvah is here! 

This service and luncheon was so special and filled with lots of family touches. Eva's tallis and kippah belonged to her aunt and had delicate pink and gold details - LOVED this! Eva's mom remembered she still had lilac napkins left over from her baby naming 13 years prior, so planner Lindsay added those to the cereal bar at the luncheon. This girl LOVES her cereal - I can totally relate! As a nod to a family friend recently diagnosed with cancer, the centerpieces at the luncheon featured gift boxes for pediatric cancer patients that were delivered after the event. 

My favorite part of this day was taking portraits outside Temple Israel - the light was perfect! Usually it's too bright or raining or snowing, but this day was just right. This fun-loving family was all about the non-traditional portraits with a nod to the traditional too - a blend I think is 100% fabulous!

Check back later this week for part 3 - the real #EveofEva - the party!!