Last September, I photographed the image on the left. It hung at Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream in Uptown for a month or more and now, it hangs in my apartment as a reminder of sisterhood, family, childhood and mostly, it makes me smile. EVERY SINGLE DAY. I can hear their laughter, their apprehension in being photographed, quickly followed by the question "when are you coming back to play again?"

These are the Lightners. Two months after there were three sisters, there were four. Birdie came into the nest and she completes their story in the most beautiful way. These sisters are older, a bit wiser and still laugh about silly things, but with a protectiveness for the littlest one that makes me wish I had a sister growing up. Brothers are alright too, I guess ;)

Love bursts from this playhouse and their cozy home in a way that makes me feel so blessed I get to meet families like this for my job. That trust me to come into their lives and tell their story. The story about how Birdie smiles when the entire family claps and says "yay, Birdie!" How Dad looks at my camera with eyes that say he will protect each of these ladies until forever and ever infinity. How pride and the essence of motherhood exudes from Mama. And how all of these girls make the best silly faces I've seen, letting their personalities and ages shine so perfectly.

Thank you, Lightners, for everything. Our sessions mean the world to me and I'm ever so grateful.