A whole lotta Sams, a few handsome guys and a trio of lovely ladies - Meet Ana, Sam H, Sam K, Sophia and Sam T. 

These five are all almost half-way through their senior year of high school and from what I see on Facebook and in person, they're absolutely ROCKING it. I couldn't be prouder! I've known all of them for a variety of timeframes: one was my first-ever bat mitzvah client, one my second-ever bat mitzvah client, another via his lovely mother and a few other mitzvah clients. One I've known for a decade and nannied for him and his siblings since the youngest was a month old. And another I had the pleasure of meeting at her sister's bat mitzvah earlier this year and we had a candy-filled time :)

Regardless of the time I've known them, they picked me to document this amazing time in their lives. I'm so very honored and it's something I don't take lightly in the least, which is perhaps why I'm only revealing my moonlighting this fall as a senior portrait photographer. It's not my forte, but making portraits of people I adore and love is. All of these images are radically different and showcase a variety of personalities - just like their subjects!

Thank you thank you thank you to these five dears for picking me - I've got my pom poms at the ready, cheering you on every step of the way! I just know that you're going to do amazing things, taking in stride every challenge and opportunity that comes across your path. All my love to you, dear darlings of class of 2015!