It's my favorite day of the week - again!

This Mitzvah Monday features Jack and his fun-loving family, starting with the Friday night Shabbat dinner. Traditionally, this dinner is hosted by the grandparents and is a time for close family and friends to come together to celebrate the momentous weekend in a relaxed and intimate way. Jack's Shabbat dinner was no exception! The evening was hosted at the Mpls Photo Center, a local gallery and workspace owned by Jack's great aunt and uncle. Everyone pitched in to help decorate and cook and the result was a stunningly simple atmosphere. A fun twist: Jack's mom Jennifer celebrated her birthday on Friday night, an occasion not overlooked at all, but yet announced in my most favorite way - DONUTS! All the details were classic and fun, a great entrance into the weekend, themed as Jack's Glow Carnival :) 

Stay tuned this week for the rest of Jack's Bar Mitzvah - next up: the service and luncheon at Temple Israel!