Valentine's Day is almost here, friends! My absolutely favorite holiday of all time :) Yes, I'm that person that still gives valentines to friends, eats heart-shaped pizza and loves wearing red and pink all day long. I JUST bought my V-day outfit today and it's SO. CUTE. 

If you've been here before, you know I've created this brand around the idea of love, hearts and gold glitter. It's not a secret and I love it that way. Why NOT proclaim love to the world? Everyone loves hearing they're loved, so in this little corner of the world, I want you to know you're amazing. I think you're fabulous and you've got a story to tell. 

All of the stories I tell are based in love - between two people, within a family or a group of friends. One of the love stories I love the most is the one between my graphic designer extraordinaire Rae and her lovely husband Eric. I told their story HERE

When Rae approached me about doing a little styled shoot around the simplicity of my favorite holiday, I was all in. Love doesn't have to be a grandiose kind of thing - it's in the small things, in the small words. Let's celebrate that! 

Our shoot centered around the following ideas:
- nibbling on a fabulous tray of tiny treats + drinking champagne toasts
- gifting a homemade Valentine and Instagram photos with magnets
- and my personal favorite, the meat and cheese snacky snacks.

Hopefully this inspires you this Valentine's Day to show your love in a simple way - whomever you proclaim it to will be over the moon, I just know it!

Here are my favorites: