Happy Mitzvah Monday, friends!

I'm back in action after spending the weekend with Mollie + family, celebrating her Bat Mitzvah! Check back next week for a peek at our visit to Mollieland! HINT: lots of CANDY :)

This post is a bit different from usual, as I'm showing images of the albums I offer as part of 2014 Bar + Bat Mitzvah packages. I LOVE creating these for and with my clients! And the best part? When I bring it to you at your home and the entire family swarms around it, gasping with glee at each page turned. My gold glitter heart SOARS - hand delivery rules!

Clients provide direction for the focus of the book and then I choose the best images to display that focus. The end result? STUNNING! These books are custom creations, specific to each and every bar + bat mitzvah story. No two albums are alike because your story is unique! The 10 x 10 album includes flat, art matte pages that are smooth to the touch and cover options are grey linen, gold sparkle and cream suede - the perfect option to fit varying personalities. 

I believe these books will truly last forever... they're the culmination of an event, a story, years' worth of preparation and I can't wait to see how many decades they spend being looked at by your family!

Take a peek!