Happy Thursday, friends!

About four years ago, I first met Jon and his then much-younger kiddos Avery and Kieran + fabulous wife Erin when we worked together during an internship opportunity. I jetted off to another job soon after, but two years ago, we were reconnected and in the meantime, they added spunky Quinn to the mix! 

I've been begging this gang of five to let me photograph them "being them" for an at-home session for months / years and finally, it happened! YAY! Jon made pancakes, Quinn refused to eat them, Avery was on pins and needles waiting for her birthday that Friday, Kieran was being a totally cool dude and Erin? She was relaxing when she could because they're about to add kiddo #4 to the mix this fall. I CANNOT WAIT. 

Jon and Erin are the parents I hope to be someday: they let their kids be 125% themselves and be in the world, making it a better place every single minute. They spread good vibes, Bob Marley streams from their record player and they sit on the lawn at night, sharing beers with neighbors and making waves so their 'hood is a safer place for kids and families. In short: they rock. 

Avery is spunky and an almost-better photographer than me, Quinn is a cute button and Kieran watches his little sisters like a big brother should. Their energy is contagious and I just adore them! And their fiery red hair totally brightens any day :)

Pavlicas: I could talk forever about how cool you are, but instead, I'll just say thank you for letting me be a part of your lives and your family. You are so loved and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you! Keep on keepin' on :)