Two years ago, my high school math teacher and his fabulous wife let me in on a secret: their son was about to be born! After years of praying and waiting, Isaac came into Todd and Terri's life through adoption. He was the tinest, sweetest newborn I've ever photographed - the physical answer to so many prayers and wishes and hopes. I have had the utmost honor to be his "life photographer," since I photographed them at home when Isaac was a newborn, again at a year old in my studio where he took his first real steps (!) and earlier this summer as an energetic two year old still discovering the world for the first time. 

The best part of our session? Seeing all the photos I've taken of Isaac over the last two years around their home. He's such a handsome boy, isn't he?!

Todd and Terri: although I won't ever be able to call you by your first names in person, I am so blessed to be invited into your lives as an equal and a professional photographer. You are the best parents Isaac could have ever had and I can't wait to watch him grow, surrounded by your love. He's learning every day about this big world and with you two as his teachers and biggest fans, he'll be showered in love wherever he goes. Blessings to you! XOXO.