Pizza + Ice Cream + Dancing? COUNT ME IN! I absolutely loved every minute of Jonah's Bar Mitzvah party!

Intermedia Arts was the perfect space for this theater / stage-loving guy to celebrate his big day. Big River Pizza was making pies in their oven out on the parking lot, Izzy's was dishing up multiple flavors (be still my gold glitter heart!) and Level 11 was getting EVERYONE on the dance floor or making their own creations at the virtual graffitti wall. The party was so fun, everyone forgot about the power outage and the trees blocking the roads! 

One of my favorite moments of this party was the Horah - watching Jonah just soak in the day and surrounded by everyone he loves so much. Plus later, his dad Andy, brother Josh and he got on the mikes and sung their rendition of "Who Let the Dogs Out." I had to leave after that, but I knew the party wouldn't get any better than what it was in that moment. You guys have pipes!

I loved working with the Harrisons for Jonah's special day and am literally counting the hours until Joshua's Bar Mitzvah in a few years... 2016/7 come quickly!



Vendor Love!

Venue: Intermedia Arts
Pizza: Big River Pizza
Ice Cream: Izzys
DJ / Entertainment: Level 11