Happy Friday, friends! What better way to kick off a sunny summer weekend than a CUTE BABY!

Mama Cassidy and I worked together eons ago at a local gift shop, talking in silly voices and making weird faces to pass the time. She is an uber talented metal artist, creating these stunners to wear on your wrist, neck, fingers... I have always loved her work and last time we chatted, we talked about photographing these one of a kind pieces. 

Fast forward a couple years and here she is, as a Mama! Cassidy and her cutie husband Clint made THE WORLD'S CUTEST BABY EVER AND EVER AMEN. From the first glimpse I had of Neve on Facebook, my heart broke and was mended again by her sweet smiles. When I finally met her in person at two months old, I melted. In fact, I can hardly look at these images without crying the happiest tears ever and praying that someday, my kids will be this cute. (Hear that, future kids? Be cute like Neve!)

Cassidy still does voices and faces, Clint is a gentle and sweet dad and Neve is old soul, filled with sugar. The kind that makes you wanting more, in an ever-present sugar rush. The way those eyes look at you, I felt like she knew me forever before we even met. 

These images are just a small sampling of our time together on an easy, breezy Sunday morning and I chose to showcase only black and whites because that smile? Those eyes? They're classic. Her sweet dimples and double chin. And don't even get me started on that hair! 

Dear Cassidy and Clint, I know Neve will always be that super-friendly kiddo with a gold-glitter heart. But promise me you'll keep inviting me over to photograph her as she grows? She'll touch the lives of everyone she meets, which is such a testament to the amazingness that you've always been and instilled in her. Give her baby snuggs until I see you all again!