Whoa, it's almost SEPTEMBER, friends! How did this happen? Insert your favorite cliche about time flying here :)

Earlier this summer, I got the saddest news ever: Two of my besties Matt + Joy were moving away! Joy is probably the coolest high school English teacher you'll ever meet and Matt is that friend you love to love. I met these two oooodles ago during our undergrad college years and totally called them getting together before anyone else! Okay, truth: everyone knew they were perfect for each other... and in 2010, they tied the knot! We did a couple engagement sessions and their wedding was a blast - one of my favorites so far!

I am so grateful to be their "life moments" photographer, according to Joy. Honestly, their love is perfect, silly, honest and so darn JOYful! Which is why, when they let me know they were moving away, I immediately said we had to photograph at their home before they left. This was the home and neighborhood they fell in love in, were engaged in and started their life together. We had to document it!

One warm perfect summer night, we grilled out, had a couple drinks and walked down to the beach and back. They were hand in hand and I had my camera. It was PERFECT. I left their home that night filled with so much love for these two and feeling oh-so-blessed at the ability to give them this gift :)

Because I'm an ideas machine, I had this great idea: what if I started documenting this moment in my favorite couples' lives? The time before kids, when it's just the two of you. I know a lot of photographers offer these sessions these days, but what if it was EASY? What if it was as simple as a dinner on the patio and a couple of snaps? Or pancakes on a Sunday morning? Or coffee and tea at the shop down the street? 

Stay tuned to the Facebook page for updates on these Easy Breezy Love sessions! Tell your friends, your neighbors and even strangers - spread that love, ya'll!