If we've ever met in person or you've seen even a snippet of my portfolio of favorite images, it's no secret how much I adore families. My own, yours, the ones I've been blessed to know over the last eight years... if you've got love for each other, one or ten amazing kids and you let me come over to play and bring my camera, chances are we'll be best friends before I leave your home. 

Last summer I was preparing my second show of recent work and needed some cute guinea pig families to let me photograph them in their favorite environment: home. Through the fabulous Worleys, I met the Sanders family and was instantly in love. I mean, INSTANTLY as soon as I saw Freya's brown eyes through the screen door. Come back to the blog next week to see those dream-come-true photos!

When the holidays came around, the Sanders family contacted me again to photograph them along with the grandparents, the aunt and the uncle doing "the real life stuff you do." My heart instantly SOARED! 

I decided to sparkle a little gold glitter on this special session and bring along my friend Ali Rogers. Ali and I worked together in 2012 HERE and since then, she's skyrocketed to the top, perfecting her video skills and creating these amazing records of weddings, events and businesses. Since we first met, Ali and I have talked a lot about what made our hearts full. I showed her some modern home movies that were growing in popularity over on the West Coast and expressed a desire to bring that trend home to Minneapolis. Ali's response: "Why don't we just jump? Let's do it!"

Here's the result of that effort - my photos, Ali's video. One amazing family. Scroll to the bottom of this post for Ali's video - I can't stop watching it!

If you're interested in something just like this for your family, with your kids, living your dream life filled with love, contact me. We love cookies, snowball fights, dancing and laughing together. Do you? Ali and I would love to work with you! 

Come back to the blog soon to the category "all that glitters" for more amazing videos!

Thank you, Sanders family, for making us feel alive in the middle of winter. Your home is filled with love to the very tip top and we are so grateful to have met you. And we're serious about the puppy chow and Rainbow Loom date, Freya. Have your people call our people!

Sanders Family! from Ali Rogers (PranaLens.com) on Vimeo.

Sanders Family! from Ali Rogers (PranaLens.com) on Vimeo.