Did ya'll know it's National Children's Book Week? Apparently, books make me so excited, I start speaking like I'm not from the frozen Northern tundra! 

I recently read this article in the NY Times and was astounded. And immediately called my Mom to say "thank you for making me read!" I distinctly remember when we first moved to Minnesota, a week before first grade began. My mom drove us around our new city and pointed out a sign (for a library). She asked me what the sign meant and I exclaimed, "MOM! PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO READ HERE! I LOVE THIS PLACE!" Folks, I was a nerd from a very early age. And apparently also, making my mom laugh from day one. My parents never had an issue with my brother and I whining "are we there yet?!" on roadtrips, because we had books. In fact, I was reprimanded numerous times in my childhood for having my nose in a book and not paying attention to my surroundings enough!

So here we are, 28 years old and I still cherish those days when I can get lost in a book. Snuggled up on the couch or at the lake, soaking in each and every word. Reading takes you places you've never been, sort of like photography (see what I did there?). 

Last November, I brought my family session option back to Oakland and knocked on the Zippins' door. Sadie and her little brother Jack were TOO CUTE for words, of course! We started the session playing and drawing in the playroom and then in the gorgeous California light of their living room, Sadie read us "Hop on Pop." I MELTED. It instantly transported me back to being four years old and reading books to my parents and my brother. Reading EVERYTHING. 

It's these magic moments spent with families who welcome me in with open arms that make this "job" such a dream come true. From behind my camera, I'm cheering these kiddos on when they read, draw, put together block stacks, pretend to be construction workers or gardeners or motorcycle riders. And their parents? I'm focusing on those moments they spend so PROUD of everything their kids can do. Seriously? This life is more than I could have ever asked for - and this passion I feel for this "work" moves me to tears. A lot! 

In addition to being an amazing reader, Sadie welcomed her SECOND little brother (along with her parents and brother Jack too!) earlier this year and I hope someday soon, we can capture her reading even longer books to both her brothers :) (hint, hint, Melissa!)

Enjoy these images - and go read a book! :)