It's September, friends! And someone very special is due to arrive this month... Meg + Sam's baby girl! I cannot wait to meet this little love bug - she will be SO LOVED by this couple!

I had the complete honor + (rainy) delight to photograph their wedding last September! It downpoured through the outdoor ceremony but these two handled it graciously. Of course, when we stepped outside to photograph their maternity mini session, we came prepared with the same umbrellas we used during their wedding day. And not five minutes into it, downpour! Again! 

Part of what I love most about my clients is their willingness to go with the flow, roll with the punches, bring props or not, wear fancy clothes or pjs. They are utterly and completely THEM 110% of the time. Meg + Sam kept their Love Story board from the wedding in the baby's new room, so we used that for a few shots - the next step in their story! And baby girl's shoes in Sam's big hands? MELT MY HEART! We collaborated on numerous shots that turned out beautifully too - another fun part of the process. 

Meg + Sam: I am so grateful you've chosen me to document your story, even as it grows! I can't wait to meet baby girl E for her newborn session soon!!