There are big great awesome fabulous things ahead in the next month over in this part of the Internet. Things including photos you've never seen, stories you haven't heard yet and honesty with integrity. And the best part? Everything will be wrapped up in this cute little package I can't wait to share.

But before all that goodness, it's time for things to get real, folks.

Here's where that honesty part comes in.

Life, sometimes, is hard.

Shocking concept, I know. And this is not a moment of complaining or negativity or any of that. It's a moment, a series of moments, when God literally knocked me to my knees because things had been going so well (yay!), that I sort of forgot to thank the giver of the goodness.

This moment came when I picked up a brand new member of my Apple family (Hi Sheila!), only to go back to the car to bring her home and the ignition on my twelve year-old car was locked up. Or something. I've never claimed to be a mechanic but I'm really good at describing all things car-related. Sort of. Regardless, it didn't start and I was stranded. On one of those really hot days. Mmmhm. I love heat!

But then this funny thing happened when everything that was going wrong suddenly started to reveal a silver lining, piece by piece. I called my Mom, because what else do you do when things go wrong? She worked close by, so she gave me a ride home. I called my mechanic and they got the key in the ignition again. I needed a car and Dad said to use his. I had friends sending up prayers on my behalf at the drop of a text. And then there's Sheila, who came with a promise to make work a lot easier and more accessible.

And at the end of the day, I learned to let go and let God. His plan is so much bigger and grander and more awesome than anything I could ever dream to put together. Even with the help of Sheila,  my Russel & Hazel stationary set and Pinterest, I could never style anything this cool. Just when our trust in Him starts to wane and wander, He's right there to remind us to just keep on keepin' on.

Hats off to God, to his awesome plan and to the fact that at the end of the day, we're just really blessed.


source: southern charm