Fall is here! Already! I feel like it was just winter and we were freezing our tootsies off! But here we are and we're knee-deep in family portrait session in Mpls - my favorite time of year. I've been busier than a bee, shooting some fabulous weddings every Saturday and working with some stellar families every Sunday. Several clients have asked "WHAT DO WE WEAR?!" and to that, I have prepared a few blog posts over the next few days to showcase examples from fall 2012. I know, a lifetime ago! 

Meet Steve, Mindee, Frank and Sam - a too-cute foursome that lit up my life last fall. These boys are charmers and sweet to the core, let me tell you! And their parents are two of the kindest people you'll meet. Mindee planned their outfits to coordinate around a blue - yellow - neutral color scheme and with the late fall muted tones that came upon us in early October last year, it worked perfectly! And apparently, she got most of their outfits at Target. WINNER!  

Styling for your family doesn't have to be a chore - I tell my clients-turned-friends that it's all about "coordinating, not matching" and to have fun with it! Let your kids' personalities shine! If they want to accessorize their outfit with necklaces or bring their favorite puppy, let them. Whatever will make them feel more themselves and comfy when we're running around and having a blast together!

There's an anxiety that comes with asking someone to take portraits of you, your family, your life. It's natural and I experience exactly the same thing! But the fact remains: we ask this to happen because we want to document THIS TIME in our lives. For whatever reason: a new baby, a holiday card, a celebration. LIFE. And life isn't often picture perfect - it's real. It's tangible. Some of my favorite images of my clients are those "imperfect" shots - where Dad is looking at his sons, or where one boy is tickling the other. Whatever shows relationships, personalities, the ties that bind us to one another. And often, those are my clients' favorite images too. They're able to visually see the love they feel for their family. 

And love? It's what I'm all about, folks!

Happy Holiday Portrait Session Time! Contact me via the contact form on this site for pricing and availability - hurry, the leaves won't last forever!