On this rainy Saturday, I can't help but think back to Meg + Sam's wedding a few weeks ago [more to come on that soon!]. Then I remembered: I never shared their engagement photos, part 2, from earlier this summer! I'm so far behind in blogging - stay tuned, friends!

But here they are: Sam + Meg. Meg + Sam. They're two peas in a pod and I just love how much they LOVE on each other. I had already seen this twice before this session, but this session sealed the deal for me. Two of my favorite, most gracious clients to date. What's not to love?! The way Sam wraps his arms around Meg and his eyes seem to say "I've got the whole world right here" or maybe it's the way Meg giggles and laughs endlessly at Sam's humor. 

I loved every single second of working with these two and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be the last! Cheers to your life together, lovebirds!