I heard Jen before I ever met her. This woman? POWERHOUSE. She is fierce in everything she does - her job, her family and the things she loves. Fierce as in sort of a Mama Bear you don't wanna mess with, because she's awesome and we all know it. Or you'll know it soon enough!

Let's step back to September 2012. I was working on the LLF gala with my partners in crime, Matt and Lindsay, and Lindsay kept saying, "just wait until you meet Jen. She can't stop talking about winning your session (the one I donate every year to the gala)!" That right there? I mean, I loved this woman instantly.

Because frankly, when a lady says "I'm going to win your session and you're going to photograph my family and I trust you'll make us look awesome" before she even says, "Hi, my name is," you know that when you do photograph her family, making them look awesome will be the easiest job you ever had.

And I wasn't wrong. Not even a little.

After what I thought was going to be an epic battle, Jen won the session at the gala and I met them at my favorite childhood park two weeks later. They made me laugh so hard I cried and then I cried real tears when we said goodbye. 

The Gadients are a four-some that I'm a little jealous of. Okay, a lotta jealous of. Jen is a POWERHOUSE (you have to say it in all-caps because this blog doesn't have a sound recorder) and Brian is that guy that everybody just loves. He's 1028374% there for his wife and his kids and together? They're an unstoppable team! 

And from the instant I met Jack and Ross, I wanted to photograph them for the rest of their lives. These boys are two peas in a pod and they're adorable to boot. Jack? That kid has my heart, forever. His instant hand on the hip action just made my life. Ross? I really hope he stays this sweet forever. And with parents like he has? No doubt.

Next time I photograph them...WE'RE GOING SAILING. That's right, folks! I'm sailing the high seas with the Gadients this summer for an extended family session and I CANNOT WAIT. 

Better dust off those boat shoes that have never seen an actual boat...