I met Claire and her family at their home about nine months before her Bat Mitzvah day and I fell in love with them instantly - Claudia's hospitality, Wayne's humor and big sis Anna's advice were all signs that Claire's day would be so fabulous! Their openness and honesty about the images they hoped to capture, combined with the trust they had in me made October 13 2012 the best day!

October 13 was also Claire's golden birthday - which I felt was SO FITTING because I was just about to launch this rebrand and obviously am obsessed with gold, glitter, sparkles, pink - everything Claire loves too :) We took a casual approach to the rehearsal day, with everyone coming from their "real lives:" school (girls), court (dad), home (mom), wherever! It was great to see everyone so relaxed and ready for a whirlwind weekend. I love this concept - the "come as you are" approach I take to events and shoots really lends itself to the best photos. Everyone is relaxed and it's easiest to capture true personalities and emotions right off the bat! Then when we see each other again (or the next day, in Claire's case!), we're all used to each other and I can blend into the scene. Yay!

With a nod to Claire's fashion sense, I simply loved every one of her outfit choices! Simple and classic, just lovely. The venue for her party, the Millenium Hotel downtown Mpls was the perfect choice to add to the special touch of class. With the city lights shining through the fog and music spinning by Keith from Simply Entertaining, Claire and her friends danced the night away, running back and forth to the Traveling Photobooth.  I mean, who doesn't love a photobooth?! The food and desserts were beautiful and delicious - those mini desserts will always and forever have my heart!

My most favorite part of this day? Claire shares her golden birthday with her best friend Zoe and she decided she didn't want Zoe to feel she had to give up her special day for Claire - so Claire and Claudia arranged for a surprise cake to be brought out at the party! Cue the waterworks!! This effort continues to show Claire's thoughtfulness and what a true friend! Love that about her!

Mazel Tov, Claire!


a few words from Claudia, Claire's mom...
"I just wanted you to know we love the photos – they look beautiful!  You asked to hear some of our favorites:  I really like the ones of Wayne and Claire in the Cardozo room before the bat mitzvah service – lovely. Claire loves those too. She also loves the photo of the sanctuary where you can see the star on the ceiling and I think that’s gorgeous too. And there are lots of cute and creative shots from the day & night! Claire said she loved seeing all the fun photos from the evening to help her remember all the things that happened that night.  There are so many to comment on; I liked the way you artistically used the dance area in the evening photos and also the great group shot of all the kids - thank you!"


vendor love!
synagogue: Temple Israel
party: Millenium Hotel, Minneapolis
photobooth: Traveling Photobooth
DJ: Simple Entertaining, Keith King