Fall is my all-time favorite season. Like of ALL TIME. So much so that once the weather starts to turn just enough, I'm doing a happy dance 24/7 until the first snowflakes fall. I put my hair in top knots and wear scarves and cardigans and run races and celebrate my birthday and am just IN LOVE WITH LIFE! 

Last fall, I photographed a lot of families. Like more than ever before. But one constant? This little family of three. I photographed them for the first time here, on the old blog, when Little C was really little. Now, he's a bit bigger and is definitely letting his spunky personality show! With parents like B and Big C, it's no doubt he's a funny guy, full of a zest for life, exploration and adventure. 

I'm so grateful for this family and their trust and confidence in me: they're photographers and creative folks themselves, so it's a great honor to be chosen to photograph them every fall for their holiday card. B always has the best ideas - even if Little C doesn't want to have any part in it! Kids will be kids :)

Thank you, Wright family, for keeping the phone lines buzzing and the emails streaming into my inbox. Your support means the world - and another reason I love fall!