Meaghan + Sam are getting married! YAY! When I think about September 2013, I do a little happy dance in my apartment, thinking about how fabulous their day will be!

I first met Meg + Sam last fall at my favorite spot in South Mpls, where we gushed about their love story and their wedding day plans over wine and tots. I think it was the tots that won Sam over. Their love is so simple and easy: Meg loves Sam, Sam loves Meg. Done. 

This simplicity will ring true on 9-14-13 when these two (plus Meg's cats) become a family and I CAN'T WAIT! What makes me so excited? Meaghan is on Pinterest and during my nightly pinning sessions (yes, this is a "thing" and I'm only 5% embarrassed to admit it), I literally mini-scream when I see what she's been pinning...

Lace gowns, grey and yellow, outdoors, small and intimate moments.

HELLOOOO my dream wedding! These pins make ME want to rush through the next 6 months to get to this day, so I can't imagine the excitement happening over at Sam and Meg's! 

We did a mini save the date session last fall and the date sign? 100% Meg. I can't wait for their extended session this summer - it's bound to be "pinterest perfect!"

Extra special thanks to B for referring these lovebirds!