As promised, Boston is back! But this time, he brought a friend - and no, not his donkey, but HIS LITTLE SISTER! Finnley Kate arrived a few weeks early, much to her parents' surprise, and of course, this little love is so sweet and teensy tiny! Mama Heather asked me if I wanted to hold her upon visiting them at home a few days after Finnley was born and I was amazed when she handed me a big blanket - with Finnley inside! She was only 6 lbs! 

Finnley had me at hello and was so sneaky about falling asleep for her session, but that pacifier really does the trick! And can you just not even handle that white bow headband?! Do they come in grownup sizes? :)

This new family of four will be back on the blog soon, once Boston and Finnley get acquainted and summer comes around. I can't wait to see them again soon!!