Popcorn + bowties + red glitter shoes in the studio - can't think of anything better! The Levad family joined me at my last mini session day in February and brought with them the most amazing family session theme I've seen yet - throwing popcorn! YESS! Maren is a colleague from a partner organization I work with as part of my nonprofit work and Mike is a photographer himself... and Eliza? She's only the coolest toddler with the biggest personality you've ever seen! She's precocious, hilarious, respectful and 110% lovely! I can't wait to see her grow! (hint hint!) 

I loved everything about this session and everything about this family! When my clients pick their brains about what makes them THEM, the results are always the absolute best. I love helping with the styling and offering advice, but it's such a sweet surprise when they show up at my door, or I at theirs!, and everything is so perfectly tailored to their personality as individuals and as a family. Come as you are and I promise we'll make magic together!

Families are the part of my business that make my heart soar the absolute highest - but more on that coming soon ;) For now, enjoy the Levads and their popcorn tricks!