In November 2012, I packed up my gold heart chocolates, pricing guides and album examples and had a table at the JCC Celebration Showcase. I arrived without any expectations but dreams. A dream I would book at least one bar + bat mitzvah that was perfect in every way. I remembered meeting a mom + daughter who seemed quite overwhelmed with all the information but very, very sweet. I went home after the fair and about a week later, received an email with the words "WE WANT YOU." From that mom + daughter combo and this time, they couldn't wait to meet me! 

I met the immediate Meisler clan at their home on a chilly, not-yet-snowy winter night and was met at the door with COOKIES. I loved them instantly. Ilana's fabulously mature nature and amazing eyes, sister Abby's silly antics and brother Ethan's calm and sweet demeanor. Mom Michele and Dad Seth said numerous times, in person, "WE WANT YOU." Again. LOVE THEM. They were 100% themselves that night and I left SO EXCITED to work with them the next April. 

April came and true to our lovely state, the weather was all across the board. As I was walking with the Meisler Five to Beth-El synagogue's outdoor facade, IT STARTED SNOWING. In April. But! They rolled with it and we got some fun silly shots in the library instead. This event was a true family affair - local and East Coasters and West Coasters - I had a blast meeting all of them! Ilana's string quartet-classically themed Walker Art Center party on Saturday night was another dream come true for me, the first time I'd ever photographed there and fingers crossed, it won't be the last! I adored watching the kids run around in their mini suits + ties and sparkly dresses and low heels. So fancy! Sunday brought a fun ice skating adventure - thank you, Ilana! I can now add "ice skating photographer" to my resume :)

After Ilana's Bat Mitzvah weekend, Michele sent this note: We are so pleased with how everything turned out and you worked so hard to capture our event in such a meaningful way to us. We thank you so much for all your hard work and expertise! Immediately, I did cartwheels! I love this feedback!

And just yesterday, I met the Meislers at their home again, to showcase the stunning proofs for their custom-created album. I'm now providing this as a service to my clients, excited they will have something live and in color to put on the coffee table, show to friends and family and continue spreading that love! 

Ilana - You're a true light to anyone you meet, with those stunning eyes and even sweeter personality! Keep shining, girl.