2013 has been a banner year so far and I've been oh-so-blessed by all of your support and love. Thank you!

About three months ago, my bestie and coffee guru Marissa asked me if I had any work to show at the coffee house where she works here at home in Mpls. I had flashbacks to the last time I showed work in October 2010. The long grueling hours of going back and forth between images, pairing things that shouldn't have been paired, printing, matting, framing, hanging, re-hanging, tea drinking.

As soon as those flashbacks appeared, I flashed forward to the opening night and the hugs, warm wishes, laughter and endless amounts of support I received.

So, I said yes. Because I knew that deep inside my gold-glitter heart, I did have something to show. 

Mid-June came and I had been hoarding all these bright sunny in-home session images from my time in California, looking at them almost daily. The deadline was fast approaching and in a panic, I called my friend Sara Montour and begged for advice. I hopped on my bike (more on that coming soon!) and met her for donuts ten minutes later. 

I poured my heart wide open and Sara, as she always does, told me to JUST GO FOR IT. Show your heart and people will respond positively to it. They always have, right? Trust the process and trust that your heart knows. 

I went home that day and chose my absolute favorite images from California, Minneapolis, my studio and all of it? Came directly from my heart through the printer to the frames on the walls. 

What's most interesting about these images is that no, they aren't perfect. No, these aren't images you typically expect to see on the walls of a downtown coffeeshop when you're studying for summer school exams or meeting a friend for a morning brew. I didn't edit any of these images heavily or make them all all-stars. That's not my style, it's not ME. Who I am, deep inside my core is a storyteller. So! These images are perfect to me because they tell a story of who these families are in their core: honest, vulnerable, ADORABLE and full of love and life. And that's why I chose them. 

I'm thrilled to invite all of you to this little corner of Minneapolis on August 1 - let's eat cupcakes and look at images together. I mean, I'm baking one in my little apartment kitchen JUST FOR YOU. I hope you'll join me!