Happy Mitzvah Monday, friends! Today, I'm featuring Alex and her Bat Mitzvah back in December - What a way to close out the year! Alex is a super-talented gymnast and a super-sweet girl, surrounded by a GIGANTIC support system made up of four lovely grandparents, an adoring mom and what feels like one billion cool friends!! 

Alex's mom Tammy contacted me earlier last year about photographing the event, that she had been at the JCC Showcase in 2012 and was interested in meeting me. We met in early fall at their home and I was met at the door by two of the cuuuuutest pups you've ever seen! Tammy herself loves photography, specifically documenting Alex with her friends and being the rad gymnast that she is, so we instantly connected on that level. I couldn't wait for Alex's big day in December!

An interesting note about this event: Alex's dad Andy unfortunately passed away a few years ago and a few years back, Alex decided to go through the Bat Mitzvah process in his honor. Her mom is not Jewish, but supported Alex 1000% throughout the process of learning Hebrew and preparing for the day. Alex's grandparents + mom Tammy were BEAMING all day! It was so fabulous to see how Alex chose to honor her dad at specific points in the service. 

The service and luncheon were held at Bet Shalom, a temple I've not photographed at before. The architecture is fantastic and lets in so much natural light - a photographer's dream! Tammy was so helpful in setting up a meeting with the synagogue staff prior to the weekend's events so I could get acclimated. 

The day arrived and for one of the first times, I was able to simply watch and observe Alex become a Bat Mitzvah, because photography is not allowed at Bet Shalom during service. However, while I waited outside photographing the luncheon details, those AMAZING treats beckoned my name! WOW! Alex's Grammy's friend was the mastermind behind the dessert table, and let me tell you, I sampled almost every single one and they were DELICIOUS! Spirit of Asia did a fabulous job coordinating the meal, as always. Mini grilled cheese and tomato soup for the kids? Totally loved it!

Check back later this week for the PARTY images - I can't wait to show you Alex's Sweet Treats!! Mazel Tov, Alex!