This trio has graced my blog numerous times over the years and I couldn't be more thrilled to have them back again! And... preparing to welcome baby #2 in about 3 weeks! EEEK! 

Brandi hired me way back in 2008 as a fresh-faced college grad to be her assistant at a local gift company. We had an amazing 3 years together and now, I'm so happy to not call her my boss, but to call her a friend. She launched her own graphic design card company last year and I'm thrilled to have offered some of my images for her sample designs. Check out Write Wright Design for all your card / design needs! Brandi's fella Clettis won't ever tell you this, but he's a super cool sought-after photo assistant here in Mpls and together, they're the parents of this ADORABLE #HEARTMELTFOREVER dude Cannon aka "little C!" It's been such an honor to watch this guy grow up and now he's about to be a big brother. This is my favorite part about my job: watching clients become friends become parents again and again and sometimes, again and again! 

These three came to the studio in March and we played around in our bare feet, itching for spring. Brandi had a fabulous style concept: basic white t's and colored pants. And Little C's suspenders? OMG. He's only had a sucker twice in his life and I'm happy to say that the second was during this session :) He's always been a quiet guy around me but warms up pretty quick when there's candy! 

Loads of hugs and kisses to the three of you as you get ready to welcome #2 - can't wait to see you FOUR soon!!