Posting a photo of a dry, WARM desert is probably the meanest thing I could do when we're in the midst of yet another #polarvortex here in Minneapolis. I'm even upset at myself for doing this! 

This amazing desert photo was taken by the ever-fabulous Maria Bartrum in May 2012, a mere days before I quit my full-time job and made the leap to a full-time freelancing career. I was unsure. Everything was unknown. It was scary. I was SCARED. I kept looking outside of myself for the assurance I was doing the right thing. 

When I left Nevada, Maria told me to follow my heart, that it would never lead me astray.

For the last two years of gold-glitter magic, I've worked hard every day to do just that. And Maria was right. Everyone who told me to speak from the heart, follow my heart, trust my heart, was right.

Things keep growing. They keep moving. Clients keep calling and we keep becoming fast friends. I keep partying with 13 year olds on the weekends during the biggest event of their lives and I keep going back for more. I keep running (literally) and I keep facing fears. I keep dreaming big big dreams and they keep coming true. Teaching 400 kids in a year with a nonprofit "job" I love? No problem!

Because that girl who didn't look in the camera in 2012, who wasn't sure where she was headed, is so very grateful to be standing here now. Because I know where I'm going and guys, it's gonna be so great. Probably filled with a lot of confetti and sparkly things! I can't wait! 

It took far longer than two years for me to realize that everything I ever wanted to know about growing a business, moving forward in a career, building a life out of everything I love would reveal itself in due time. That people would come in and out of my life to teach me lessons to carry in my toolbox forever. That this idea of trusting the process that I've held onto for almost ten years is 10000% the best idea ever. 

When the Minneapolis branch of Creative Mornings asked me to speak at their January meeting, I started writing this speech. A SPEECH. As in, "I've called you all here today..." BORING. About two minutes before I stepped up to the mic, a friend looked at me, put his hand on his chest and said, "Just speak from here, you'll know exactly what to say." 

What I need to know is in my heart, in my gut. Now being removed from THE LEAP, I wish I could tell that girl in the desert to believe in herself. To stare right down the lens of that camera and never take no for an answer. To love every single second of what life throws at her. To laugh and tell your story with such passion that you inspire strangers. If you would have told the girl in the desert photo that someday, you could search for her name on YOUTUBE and a video of her speaking from the heart would appear, she would have laughed. 

Now? I'm just reveling in the fact that my Grandma tells everyone I'm a celebrity. And that's just fine with me :)


ps. Thanks to my new awesome friends Ryan Gates and Dale Carlson for making me look cool. No really, you guys rock!