Happy Monday, friends!

Although this isn't a bar + bat mitzvah, I met Miss Ruby at her brother Jacob's bar mitzvah in 2012 and she's been one of my favorites ever since! Ruby's mama Amy called me about needing headshots for her star last summer. 

Coming from a family that was "born for paparazzi," I knew working with Ruby would be fabulous! She came into the studio on the hottest day of the summer and was such a sport. And what a great job taking direction... of course! 

Ruby had been chosen as one of two girls to play the role of Shprintze in "The Fiddler on the Roof" at Chanhassen Dinner Theater last winter. I had the honor of getting a backstage tour for the show and seeing it, up close and personal. Ruby SHINED so bright and it was an amazing time!

Since working with Ruby, I've had the honor of working with two VERY talented brothers - Jonah and Joshua - who will be featured in a show at the History Theater this summer! WOW! 

If your child needs headshots for any auditions, productions or even to give them that extra boost of awesome, I'd love to work with them!