Happy Tuesday, friends!

Guess who this bright, shining face is?! MY SUMMER INTERN ANA! YAY!

I was so excited to receive her note earlier this spring about interning with me for the summer - my head instantly was filled with ideas for projects, fun lunch dates and ice cream breaks galore! An interesting tidbit: Ana was my 2nd ever Bat Mitzvah client way back in 2010. I've stayed in touch with her fabulous family and she's just the sweetest!

We've had a few work sessions so far, with plenty more to come. I can't wait to share more with Ana about photography, how I got started, how to run a business ... the list goes on!  I'm so excited to see where this experience takes Ana. If anything, I know where I can find my next headshot :)

Cheers to many more ice cream + donut tasting times - and getting that to-do list checked off! The best part? She took all these amazing photos below - a natural, I'd say!

A note from Ana: Hi, I'm Ana, Sydnee's new intern! Next year, I will be a senior at Breck, but for now, I am having an awesome time getting to work with Sydnee, learning how to run a business, as well as working on my own photography too. I have always loved exploring new and different places with my backpack, typically with camera in tow, along with the notion that photography allows one to share and experience again a period of time, even after it has passed. Looking at the work of adventure photographers, especially those from National Geographic, as well as the photoraphers that are closer to home, like Sydnee, I have been inspired to improve my own photography, so I could evoke the same emotion and memories that I feel when looking at these photographers' images.

Huge thanks to Sydnee for letting me tag along with her, and for teaching me so much...and being such a fun person to be spending time with! 

Sydnee (+ Ana too!)