Happy Monday, friends!

I know, I know... this isn't a #MitzvahMonday special, but it's a special day nonetheless: Seven years ago today, I photographed my first-ever wedding. These two lovebirds have been married SEVEN years today and 2 beautiful kiddos later, I can tell you they're still VERY in love. We may not all look like babies anymore, but as much as their lives have changed in the last seven years, mine has as well. 

I knew Ashley + Corey from middle school through high school and post high school. They were forever and always together, so of course, it was no surprise when they became engaged and began planning their wedding. Facebook was a new fangled thing then and I remember Ashley got in touch with me through a message, asking to meet so we could talk about possibly me photographing their wedding, as she saw some darkroom photography images I had posted during my undergrad. WHAT?! I WOULD PHOTOGRAPH A WEDDING? I was beyond nervous, but I met with her and she essentially said, "Since you'll be at the wedding anyway, why don't we just pay you to take the pictures?"

That was it: I was officially hired for my first real photo job. Within a month, I bought a basic digital SLR camera with a kit lens and a flash. I searched high and low for wedding photography inspiration, ideas on posing, lighting, cool effects. You guys should have seen some of the books I bought on wedding photography. YIKES. I decided to scratch all of that and go with my gut. 

I bawled like a baby during every critical moment but I still got the shot.
I posed these families and they listened to me.
I sweat my buns off in the middle of a hot June summer and forgot my extra battery at home, so my 16 year old brother had to bring it to me at the reception in Rosemount. 

I sent them the photos and they were overwhelmingly grateful. 

Four years later, they called. They were expecting baby #1. 
Over a year ago, they called again. Baby #2 was on the way.

It doesn't matter that I shot the entire wedding on an automatic mode or edited the images in Picasa. What matters is that I remember falling asleep that night with a beaming smile on my face because I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND. I could cement the biggest day of their lives with the images I took. They trusted and believed in me enough to allow me to be that person. 

I've learned so much since that hot day on June 16, 2007. I found what makes my heart grow 1928374 times the normal size and the "job" that feels like a party every day. Because as much as this day is about my first-ever clients, it's about celebrating growth. 

I'm overwhelmed and grateful every day for the immense honor my clients give me to document their lives - the big moments and the little ones. My fabulous repeat clients-turned-friends are such a gigantic part of my life and I wish sometimes that we could all hang out together, eating cupcakes and dancing our buns off. You make my world go 'round, guys. Thank you doesn't feel big enough.


You may have seen these lovebirds + adorable Harvey on my Facebook page earlier this week... and the fabulousness you've been waiting for is here! 

A month ago, Brandon + Lindsey asked me to come alongside their family and photograph the blessing of their marriage at the Basilica of St. Mary. I was DELIGHTED! These two and their 3 year old son Harvey are what we call "good people" - they are friends of my dearest clients. When we met for the first time at Sebastian Joes, I knew we would be a perfect match!  If it wasn't their amazing New Orleans accents, then it was their ease and flexibility or maybe that heartmelt of a boy attempting his first ice cream cone. 

On a sunny Tuesday in April, I met this family and Brandon's parents (visiting from the South, God bless them - our weather was NUTS!) on the Basilica steps and photographed their awesomeness. Lindsey's BHLDN dress, combined with Brandon's grandmother's vintage brooch and her bouquet? Homemade from Pinterest inspiration. This woman is talented! The guys' style was not overlooked - searsucker suit for Harvey and navy for Dad with another homemade flower. I loved every detail!

Brandon + Lindsey's first wedding happened on their lunchhour in February a few years back... so this day deserved to be documented to the fullest extent. I was so honored to work with these three. And what made my heart soar the highest? When Brandon + Lindsey said to "just capture us being us." SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED! You got it, Garcias family! Here's your story!


On this rainy Saturday, I can't help but think back to Meg + Sam's wedding a few weeks ago [more to come on that soon!]. Then I remembered: I never shared their engagement photos, part 2, from earlier this summer! I'm so far behind in blogging - stay tuned, friends!

But here they are: Sam + Meg. Meg + Sam. They're two peas in a pod and I just love how much they LOVE on each other. I had already seen this twice before this session, but this session sealed the deal for me. Two of my favorite, most gracious clients to date. What's not to love?! The way Sam wraps his arms around Meg and his eyes seem to say "I've got the whole world right here" or maybe it's the way Meg giggles and laughs endlessly at Sam's humor. 

I loved every single second of working with these two and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be the last! Cheers to your life together, lovebirds!


Sarah + Mike are the PERFECT example of why this dream life keeps on growing big and strong: REFERRALS. People all over are spreading the love and I couldn't be more grateful! After meeting these two lovebirds and hearing their story, I KNEW I just had to be the one to photograph their engagement + wedding! They chose me in the exact instant I chose them and this, friends, is the reason why I love this work so much!

Sarah + Mike's story include lots of music, laughter and love - all of which we captured during their engagement session last week. Special thanks to the folks at Treehouse Records for letting us laugh and play around at their little slice of Mpls love. We ended the session at my all-time favorite spot in the city which just happened to be the exact same spot of their engagement! YES!

I'm trying some new things since celebrating my one-year anniversary last week, one of which is blogging my favorite images ASAP! Enjoy :)


Meaghan + Sam are getting married! YAY! When I think about September 2013, I do a little happy dance in my apartment, thinking about how fabulous their day will be!

I first met Meg + Sam last fall at my favorite spot in South Mpls, where we gushed about their love story and their wedding day plans over wine and tots. I think it was the tots that won Sam over. Their love is so simple and easy: Meg loves Sam, Sam loves Meg. Done. 

This simplicity will ring true on 9-14-13 when these two (plus Meg's cats) become a family and I CAN'T WAIT! What makes me so excited? Meaghan is on Pinterest and during my nightly pinning sessions (yes, this is a "thing" and I'm only 5% embarrassed to admit it), I literally mini-scream when I see what she's been pinning...

Lace gowns, grey and yellow, outdoors, small and intimate moments.

HELLOOOO my dream wedding! These pins make ME want to rush through the next 6 months to get to this day, so I can't imagine the excitement happening over at Sam and Meg's! 

We did a mini save the date session last fall and the date sign? 100% Meg. I can't wait for their extended session this summer - it's bound to be "pinterest perfect!"

Extra special thanks to B for referring these lovebirds!


Jessi + Peter are really good at being in love. Like REALLY good at it. From the minute I met them, I knew this and I crossed all fingers and toes that they would pick me to document their story!

They are completely invested in this process, with Jessi pinning and Peter nodding "yes, Jessi" and when I got their Save the Date in my mailbox earlier this week, I mini-screamed with excitement: their metallics + fall theme is 100% them!

To Jessi + Peter: we share a love of gold and fall days and shiny things and love and Icannot wait to spend another October day with you this year! Thank you for being open to new ideas and for loving each other in the perfect way you do. You make my job so beautiful!


Combine a short and sweet ceremony (record time: 10 minutes!), bagpipes played by the Mayor of St. Paul (Deirdre's uncle!), two amazing families and a love story that spans almost a decade. The result? A gorgeous day at the riverfront for Deirdre + Ben's wedding day last August!

Deirdre began the day with a Facebook check-in at Mickey's Diner and a hair and makeup team that hit a home run creating a classic and timeless look. The views of the Mississippi out the windows of the Crown Plaza Riverfront were as breath-taking as her stunning gown. When I peeked into the bag, I literally mini-screamed; a bow, pleats and pockets? My dream dress come true! And as you can see, D was simply a vision in it. 

This day was truly a family affair and I am blessed to have been witness to these families finally, after a decade, combining into one. This crew really knows how to party! Keep scrolling for more proof...

Special thanks to Tony Franklin and TC Worley for working their magic on the video side - I waited several long months to see what you came up with, and here's the proof:

Gisselman Wedding from Public Convoy on Vimeo.



Hi there!

It's officially 2013 and whoa, do I have a lot to share - but first things first, thank you.

Because of all of YOU, 2012 was the best year yet, both personally and professionally. I made the big leap to full-time photography and almost immediately, business started booming and hasn't slowed down. I'm so incredibly grateful for all of you and the love you've spread on my behalf. Ya'll really should just pat yourselves on the back!

What does 2013 look like over here? Well, for one thing, it's big and bright and filled with glitter hearts! I'm filled with butterflies over what's going to be revealed in the coming weeks and months and I hope you are in for a really fun ride - I'll save room in the passenger seat for you, promise.

First things first, tomorrow I'm going to be debuting the images from Ben + Deirdre's wedding and be sure to scroll all the way down for an extra special dose of awesome. You won't want to miss this!!

Next up...you'll have to wait and see! What's to come is something I'm so so proud of - I can't wait to share it with you!


Complete with the cutest dachshund ever, Herman the Great, and these two crazy talented and lovely people, I really couldn't ask for more. Styled to a T - I mean, who puts a bowtie on their dog? Rae does! - and ice cream included, I loved everything about this shoot.

Rae and Eric have been together almost a decade and seen each other through loads of jump-for-joy moments and it's-all-going-to-be-okay moments. When meeting to discuss wedding plans, Rae told me that Eric is her baseline. The one who keeps her in check when she's a busy bee designing graphics, being half the awesomeness behind Mighty Swell Vintage and hosting parties. Likewise, I'm sure Rae brings a certain element of the same for Eric, who is in his own right, an overly talented gentleman who brings out the soft, romantic and adorable side of Rae. And to tie it all together is Herman. Who wouldn't smile looking at that oh-for-cute pup?!

Rae is the graphic designer behind my branding relaunch and honestly, I think ya'll are going to squeal just as I did when you see it. She's almost in love with love as much as I am - and it shows in this new look, coming soon to this website and the world! I can't wait for the reveal!

Come visit again soon to see their amazing wedding day! You seriously don't want to miss this! And this time? You're probably going to cry, laugh, do cartwheels about their images. Seriously. Bring your eyes, I'll bring the awesome.


The long-awaited day was finally here! After a year-long engagement, two college graduations, moving, multiple trips from Minneapolis to Pella and back, the wedding we've all been anxiously waiting for was HERE. It was happening! The burlap adorned the tables, the baby's breath bouquets almost took my breath away and an always-stunning-but-even-more-today Rachel was ready to meet her Joe.
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