11 days. Less than 264 hours until I cross the finish line near the St. Paul capitol building and have that shiny medal placed around my neck.

That's right folks! The Twin Cities Marathon is almost, finally, here!

I sent a cute email out to my family and friends this morning with fingers crossed they would cheer for me on the slidelines. And once I hit "send," I thought: but what about all my secret admirers and clients turned friends and friendworking buddies? 

So here you are! If you're near the route on Sunday, October 6th, I'd love to see you! Throw a little gold glitter on a piece of paper, throw it in the air, whatever. Bring your glitter and your brightest smiling face - I can't promise I'll be in tip top shape, but I can promise a smile :)

As many of you know, about three years ago I started running. Actually, I learned "how to run" first and I've never looked back. I never thought I'd call myself a runner, get up before sunrise to meet friends to run the Mpls lakes, all of the things that come with this lifestyle. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. This "thing" I do has changed my outlook on life, helped me refine my goals, made me a better and stronger person and it's been a gateway to meet some of the coolest people I know! 

Another aspect of this runner-life is that some of you have been inspired - we've ran your first race together, instead of going for drinks we went for a run, you've asked for advice on shoes or routes or just plain called me crazy - and honestly? These are the reasons why I keep doing this: to pay it forward and help inspire others live their best life by every day choosing to live mine.

The next step in this journey? the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday, October 6th - all 26.2 miles. 11 DAYS AWAY!

I've spent about 5 months training and feel ready to crush this race. Every Sunday for the last three months, I've been running 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 18, 20, 14 miles around Minneapolis and St. Paul. So many of you ask: "what the heck do you DO during that time?" It's simple: one foot in front of the other. But really, it's spent thinking about all of you. All the support and encouragement you've provided along the way and reminiscing about times we've spent together - all the things that helped me get to mile 12 or mile 20. THANK YOU!

Now, it's purely mental. Part of this mental preparedness comes during the race itself - feeling inspired and pumped up by all the spectators along the way…So…if you're willing...

I would LOVE to see your smiling faces along the route - this race is known as the most beautiful urban marathon in America! With the gorgeous fall colors, lakes and popular sites along the way, I'm sure you'll have a great time :) Plus, you'll see me speeding by! (fingers crossed) 

But, this isn't totally about watching me run - there are so many inspirational stories coming out of the marathon this year, especially in light of the April Boston Marathon events. It's great to hear the background of fellow runners - I'm sure you'll hear plenty of these stories on the spectators side of the race too! 

All the information you'll need is here: https://www.tcmevents.org/_asset/kt87s2/2013-Spectator-Guide.pdf

I would love your support as I reach this goal - send prayers, good vibes and love on October 6th! Fingers crossed for good weather, safe running and an amazing journey to the finish line!

Don't hesitate to ask questions or call me crazy one last time ;) [For specific race information i.e. race number, what corral or what I'll be wearing that day, email me!]