You may have seen these lovebirds + adorable Harvey on my Facebook page earlier this week... and the fabulousness you've been waiting for is here! 

A month ago, Brandon + Lindsey asked me to come alongside their family and photograph the blessing of their marriage at the Basilica of St. Mary. I was DELIGHTED! These two and their 3 year old son Harvey are what we call "good people" - they are friends of my dearest clients. When we met for the first time at Sebastian Joes, I knew we would be a perfect match!  If it wasn't their amazing New Orleans accents, then it was their ease and flexibility or maybe that heartmelt of a boy attempting his first ice cream cone. 

On a sunny Tuesday in April, I met this family and Brandon's parents (visiting from the South, God bless them - our weather was NUTS!) on the Basilica steps and photographed their awesomeness. Lindsey's BHLDN dress, combined with Brandon's grandmother's vintage brooch and her bouquet? Homemade from Pinterest inspiration. This woman is talented! The guys' style was not overlooked - searsucker suit for Harvey and navy for Dad with another homemade flower. I loved every detail!

Brandon + Lindsey's first wedding happened on their lunchhour in February a few years back... so this day deserved to be documented to the fullest extent. I was so honored to work with these three. And what made my heart soar the highest? When Brandon + Lindsey said to "just capture us being us." SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED! You got it, Garcias family! Here's your story!


I first met sweet Ravi and his mama when he was JUST ABOUT to be born late fall 2012! And now he's a moving and shaking 16 month old kiddo - and look at that smile! Talk about a heart melt!

Ravi's mama Aditi contacted me for a mini session in March to document this time as a family of three and get a few updated portraits of her firstborn... because come October, Ravi's going to be a big brother! Another heart melt :) We even had cousins come to the session to pretend they're in a little rock band - adorable!

Enjoy your images, cuties! Can't wait to meet baby #2 in October!!


This trio has graced my blog numerous times over the years and I couldn't be more thrilled to have them back again! And... preparing to welcome baby #2 in about 3 weeks! EEEK! 

Brandi hired me way back in 2008 as a fresh-faced college grad to be her assistant at a local gift company. We had an amazing 3 years together and now, I'm so happy to not call her my boss, but to call her a friend. She launched her own graphic design card company last year and I'm thrilled to have offered some of my images for her sample designs. Check out Write Wright Design for all your card / design needs! Brandi's fella Clettis won't ever tell you this, but he's a super cool sought-after photo assistant here in Mpls and together, they're the parents of this ADORABLE #HEARTMELTFOREVER dude Cannon aka "little C!" It's been such an honor to watch this guy grow up and now he's about to be a big brother. This is my favorite part about my job: watching clients become friends become parents again and again and sometimes, again and again! 

These three came to the studio in March and we played around in our bare feet, itching for spring. Brandi had a fabulous style concept: basic white t's and colored pants. And Little C's suspenders? OMG. He's only had a sucker twice in his life and I'm happy to say that the second was during this session :) He's always been a quiet guy around me but warms up pretty quick when there's candy! 

Loads of hugs and kisses to the three of you as you get ready to welcome #2 - can't wait to see you FOUR soon!!


I met the Sneider family at Luis' Bar Mitzvah in December and as always, I gravitated toward the kids. Sofia and Diego were hams on the dancefloor, adorably commanding the attention of everyone. These pint-sized cuties won the Limbo every time, walking right under the bar! Dad asked for my card that night and I kept my fingers crossed they would call me ASAP.

And they did just that! I was invited over one very snowy December day right before Christmas to spend a bright morning with this fabulous family. The best part? They were about to become a family of FIVE! Well, six if you count Simon the bulldog. And you really should, because Simon doesn't mess around! 

Quickly after our session, baby Alex arrived and from what I hear, he's already breaking hearts. I can't wait to meet him this summer - I know Sofia and Diego are the best big brother and sister ever!

Thank you, Sneider family, for inviting me into your home to capture you in all your "you-ness" - I can't wait to play again soon!


If we've ever met in person or you've seen even a snippet of my portfolio of favorite images, it's no secret how much I adore families. My own, yours, the ones I've been blessed to know over the last eight years... if you've got love for each other, one or ten amazing kids and you let me come over to play and bring my camera, chances are we'll be best friends before I leave your home. 

Last summer I was preparing my second show of recent work and needed some cute guinea pig families to let me photograph them in their favorite environment: home. Through the fabulous Worleys, I met the Sanders family and was instantly in love. I mean, INSTANTLY as soon as I saw Freya's brown eyes through the screen door. Come back to the blog next week to see those dream-come-true photos!

When the holidays came around, the Sanders family contacted me again to photograph them along with the grandparents, the aunt and the uncle doing "the real life stuff you do." My heart instantly SOARED! 

I decided to sparkle a little gold glitter on this special session and bring along my friend Ali Rogers. Ali and I worked together in 2012 HERE and since then, she's skyrocketed to the top, perfecting her video skills and creating these amazing records of weddings, events and businesses. Since we first met, Ali and I have talked a lot about what made our hearts full. I showed her some modern home movies that were growing in popularity over on the West Coast and expressed a desire to bring that trend home to Minneapolis. Ali's response: "Why don't we just jump? Let's do it!"

Here's the result of that effort - my photos, Ali's video. One amazing family. Scroll to the bottom of this post for Ali's video - I can't stop watching it!

If you're interested in something just like this for your family, with your kids, living your dream life filled with love, contact me. We love cookies, snowball fights, dancing and laughing together. Do you? Ali and I would love to work with you! 

Come back to the blog soon to the category "all that glitters" for more amazing videos!

Thank you, Sanders family, for making us feel alive in the middle of winter. Your home is filled with love to the very tip top and we are so grateful to have met you. And we're serious about the puppy chow and Rainbow Loom date, Freya. Have your people call our people!

Sanders Family! from Ali Rogers ( on Vimeo.

Sanders Family! from Ali Rogers ( on Vimeo.



Fall is here! Already! I feel like it was just winter and we were freezing our tootsies off! But here we are and we're knee-deep in family portrait session in Mpls - my favorite time of year. I've been busier than a bee, shooting some fabulous weddings every Saturday and working with some stellar families every Sunday. Several clients have asked "WHAT DO WE WEAR?!" and to that, I have prepared a few blog posts over the next few days to showcase examples from fall 2012. I know, a lifetime ago! 

Meet Steve, Mindee, Frank and Sam - a too-cute foursome that lit up my life last fall. These boys are charmers and sweet to the core, let me tell you! And their parents are two of the kindest people you'll meet. Mindee planned their outfits to coordinate around a blue - yellow - neutral color scheme and with the late fall muted tones that came upon us in early October last year, it worked perfectly! And apparently, she got most of their outfits at Target. WINNER!  

Styling for your family doesn't have to be a chore - I tell my clients-turned-friends that it's all about "coordinating, not matching" and to have fun with it! Let your kids' personalities shine! If they want to accessorize their outfit with necklaces or bring their favorite puppy, let them. Whatever will make them feel more themselves and comfy when we're running around and having a blast together!

There's an anxiety that comes with asking someone to take portraits of you, your family, your life. It's natural and I experience exactly the same thing! But the fact remains: we ask this to happen because we want to document THIS TIME in our lives. For whatever reason: a new baby, a holiday card, a celebration. LIFE. And life isn't often picture perfect - it's real. It's tangible. Some of my favorite images of my clients are those "imperfect" shots - where Dad is looking at his sons, or where one boy is tickling the other. Whatever shows relationships, personalities, the ties that bind us to one another. And often, those are my clients' favorite images too. They're able to visually see the love they feel for their family. 

And love? It's what I'm all about, folks!

Happy Holiday Portrait Session Time! Contact me via the contact form on this site for pricing and availability - hurry, the leaves won't last forever!


2013 has been a banner year so far and I've been oh-so-blessed by all of your support and love. Thank you!

About three months ago, my bestie and coffee guru Marissa asked me if I had any work to show at the coffee house where she works here at home in Mpls. I had flashbacks to the last time I showed work in October 2010. The long grueling hours of going back and forth between images, pairing things that shouldn't have been paired, printing, matting, framing, hanging, re-hanging, tea drinking.

As soon as those flashbacks appeared, I flashed forward to the opening night and the hugs, warm wishes, laughter and endless amounts of support I received.

So, I said yes. Because I knew that deep inside my gold-glitter heart, I did have something to show. 

Mid-June came and I had been hoarding all these bright sunny in-home session images from my time in California, looking at them almost daily. The deadline was fast approaching and in a panic, I called my friend Sara Montour and begged for advice. I hopped on my bike (more on that coming soon!) and met her for donuts ten minutes later. 

I poured my heart wide open and Sara, as she always does, told me to JUST GO FOR IT. Show your heart and people will respond positively to it. They always have, right? Trust the process and trust that your heart knows. 

I went home that day and chose my absolute favorite images from California, Minneapolis, my studio and all of it? Came directly from my heart through the printer to the frames on the walls. 

What's most interesting about these images is that no, they aren't perfect. No, these aren't images you typically expect to see on the walls of a downtown coffeeshop when you're studying for summer school exams or meeting a friend for a morning brew. I didn't edit any of these images heavily or make them all all-stars. That's not my style, it's not ME. Who I am, deep inside my core is a storyteller. So! These images are perfect to me because they tell a story of who these families are in their core: honest, vulnerable, ADORABLE and full of love and life. And that's why I chose them. 

I'm thrilled to invite all of you to this little corner of Minneapolis on August 1 - let's eat cupcakes and look at images together. I mean, I'm baking one in my little apartment kitchen JUST FOR YOU. I hope you'll join me!



 I met the Sommers family pre-twins at a baby shower hosted by my lovely designer Rae. Kate and I bonded over wedding photographer stories (she's one too! yay, friendworking!) and she was at that time, pregnant with Charlie and Arthur - literally about to give birth any minute! YAY BABIES!

We've met up a couple times to take photos but this time? They let me in on their turf - the most dreamy home in NE Mpls and I honestly wanted to stay forever, playing blocks, reading books and being silly. Charlie and Arthur just celebrated their first birthday and they just keep getting cuter. Those blue eyes, Arthur? It was love at first sight! Charlie's smirky smile and daredevil nature won my heart instantly. These two are probably the most "liked" babies on Instagram, so the chance to get them in front of my camera as a family of four felt like a dream come true. And baby TOMS? HIGH FIVES!

Best part ever? They were willing to model for part of a BIG HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT coming your way in a few short weeks ... but for now, can we play in your home, together, in... CALIFORNIA?! Get this, friends: I'LL BE HOSTING FAMILY SESSIONS IN CALIFORNIA ON MAY 25TH AND 26TH! 

Here are the details:  Pick your favorite backyard spot, room in the house or even your front stoop - I'll come to you and we'll make magic together!

Saturday May 25 in Oakland - any time you prefer, but there is time for 8 sessions. First come, first serve! 
Sunday May 26 in LA - 5 pm to 8 pm - just in time for golden hour! 
Choose your session option:
- Half hour session and you receive 15 images on DVD for $225
- One hour session and you receive 25 images on DVD for $300
A 50% deposit is due upon booking to reserve your spot - I can't wait to meet you! Put your info HERE and let the magic begin!

This California trip is a dream in the making - the first step to watering this little Mpls-based business and watching it GROW! Spread the love to anyone and everyone you think would be interested - I couldn't do this without all of you!
As if you're not convinced, doesn't this look like the most fun, EVER?!


Popcorn + bowties + red glitter shoes in the studio - can't think of anything better! The Levad family joined me at my last mini session day in February and brought with them the most amazing family session theme I've seen yet - throwing popcorn! YESS! Maren is a colleague from a partner organization I work with as part of my nonprofit work and Mike is a photographer himself... and Eliza? She's only the coolest toddler with the biggest personality you've ever seen! She's precocious, hilarious, respectful and 110% lovely! I can't wait to see her grow! (hint hint!) 

I loved everything about this session and everything about this family! When my clients pick their brains about what makes them THEM, the results are always the absolute best. I love helping with the styling and offering advice, but it's such a sweet surprise when they show up at my door, or I at theirs!, and everything is so perfectly tailored to their personality as individuals and as a family. Come as you are and I promise we'll make magic together!

Families are the part of my business that make my heart soar the absolute highest - but more on that coming soon ;) For now, enjoy the Levads and their popcorn tricks!


As promised, Boston is back! But this time, he brought a friend - and no, not his donkey, but HIS LITTLE SISTER! Finnley Kate arrived a few weeks early, much to her parents' surprise, and of course, this little love is so sweet and teensy tiny! Mama Heather asked me if I wanted to hold her upon visiting them at home a few days after Finnley was born and I was amazed when she handed me a big blanket - with Finnley inside! She was only 6 lbs! 

Finnley had me at hello and was so sneaky about falling asleep for her session, but that pacifier really does the trick! And can you just not even handle that white bow headband?! Do they come in grownup sizes? :)

This new family of four will be back on the blog soon, once Boston and Finnley get acquainted and summer comes around. I can't wait to see them again soon!! 


Doesn't your heart just MELT looking at this sweet face?! Boston visited me at the studio a while back and even though he was unsure at first, all it took was a little cookie to get him to warm up! He was about to become a big brother when we took these photos and being a big sister myself, I gave him some tips PLUS Boston's dad works with my dad, so we were already pretty much BFFs. This expressive little guy was amazing and adorable - check out the many faces of Boston! 

ps. Come back later this week to see if the stork brought him a little brother or a little sister! 


Fall is my all-time favorite season. Like of ALL TIME. So much so that once the weather starts to turn just enough, I'm doing a happy dance 24/7 until the first snowflakes fall. I put my hair in top knots and wear scarves and cardigans and run races and celebrate my birthday and am just IN LOVE WITH LIFE! 

Last fall, I photographed a lot of families. Like more than ever before. But one constant? This little family of three. I photographed them for the first time here, on the old blog, when Little C was really little. Now, he's a bit bigger and is definitely letting his spunky personality show! With parents like B and Big C, it's no doubt he's a funny guy, full of a zest for life, exploration and adventure. 

I'm so grateful for this family and their trust and confidence in me: they're photographers and creative folks themselves, so it's a great honor to be chosen to photograph them every fall for their holiday card. B always has the best ideas - even if Little C doesn't want to have any part in it! Kids will be kids :)

Thank you, Wright family, for keeping the phone lines buzzing and the emails streaming into my inbox. Your support means the world - and another reason I love fall!


I heard Jen before I ever met her. This woman? POWERHOUSE. She is fierce in everything she does - her job, her family and the things she loves. Fierce as in sort of a Mama Bear you don't wanna mess with, because she's awesome and we all know it. Or you'll know it soon enough!

Let's step back to September 2012. I was working on the LLF gala with my partners in crime, Matt and Lindsay, and Lindsay kept saying, "just wait until you meet Jen. She can't stop talking about winning your session (the one I donate every year to the gala)!" That right there? I mean, I loved this woman instantly.

Because frankly, when a lady says "I'm going to win your session and you're going to photograph my family and I trust you'll make us look awesome" before she even says, "Hi, my name is," you know that when you do photograph her family, making them look awesome will be the easiest job you ever had.

And I wasn't wrong. Not even a little.

After what I thought was going to be an epic battle, Jen won the session at the gala and I met them at my favorite childhood park two weeks later. They made me laugh so hard I cried and then I cried real tears when we said goodbye. 

The Gadients are a four-some that I'm a little jealous of. Okay, a lotta jealous of. Jen is a POWERHOUSE (you have to say it in all-caps because this blog doesn't have a sound recorder) and Brian is that guy that everybody just loves. He's 1028374% there for his wife and his kids and together? They're an unstoppable team! 

And from the instant I met Jack and Ross, I wanted to photograph them for the rest of their lives. These boys are two peas in a pod and they're adorable to boot. Jack? That kid has my heart, forever. His instant hand on the hip action just made my life. Ross? I really hope he stays this sweet forever. And with parents like he has? No doubt.

Next time I photograph them...WE'RE GOING SAILING. That's right, folks! I'm sailing the high seas with the Gadients this summer for an extended family session and I CANNOT WAIT. 

Better dust off those boat shoes that have never seen an actual boat...


Happy Monday, loves!

Welcome to a new "section" of the blog: All that Glitters! This label will be used to designate announcements, both personal and business-oriented. Things like mini session dates, studio news, coupon codes or giveaways - all things that are sure to catch your attention, just like all the gold glitter that's been spread over my little home on the Internet over the past 3 months.

The perfect announcement to use with this new label is that I'm hosting another mini session date, THIS SUNDAY, at my Northeast studio and I'd love to see you there! See below for all the details and don't be shy! Email me to book :)

I can't wait to meet you!

Today, I'm taking a trip in my time machine to this month about 7 years ago to 2005...

In January 2005, I was a second semester freshman just getting my feet wet at Concordia University, St. Paul as a transfer student. I didn't know a soul there but through miracles and some old-fashioned Minnesota nice, I met loads of people. One of those people was the sweetest girl you'd ever meet: Anna. We had an instant connection and quickly decided to become roommates our sophomore year. 

This time machine trip wouldn't be complete without a little love! Adam + Anna's story goes a little like this: girl and boy meet the first day of Welcome Week in 2004, start dating and marry after graduation. Add a move to St. Louis for seminary and just a few short days before Call Day in 2012, they welcome their first son, Aaron. This sweet love story is one I've had the privilege to witness both close and from a distance and I can tell you, these two are the real deal. Sweet as candy and pure as gold. They were that way when I met them in 2005 and they are this way when we reconnected during Homecoming last fall. 

As life goes on, we tend to lose touch with people who left an impact. Life happens. But thank Jesus for Facebook and a bond that was made over horrible Student Union food and challenging exams for Church Ministry & Practice! Anna was there, holding my hand during my first tattoo and we were each other's Mom Away from Home when we got sick in the dorms during that long Minnesota winter. We swapped shifts at the on-campus day care center and shared our biggest dreams over early morning coffee/study sessions.

Meeting Aaron on a blustery October day last fall, I witnessed first hand my best college friend taking on her motherly role and I couldn't help but get a little verklempt. She has always been a maternal soul - with me, with our friends, with the kids we interacted with at work. Aaron is one blessed kid to have Anna as his Mama - and a strong godly man like Adam as his Papa. It's evident in their smiles and love for each other that these three are a dream team. I can't wait to see what else God has in store for them as they put down roots in Rochester! Minnesota is happy to have you back, Koglin family!


Meet Nora, the most beautiful little girl I've ever met. I'm so behind in blogging, this little nugget is almost a year and a half! We took these photos in my Northeast Mpls studio back in September during my first-ever Mini Session day to celebrate the big first birthday. Isn't she a DOLL?! Her mom Megan picked out this teal tutu and headpiece, I brought the balloons and there we were :) Nora was all smiles and had a great time eating her very first cupcake!

This session represents a huge moment for me: it's the day I fell in love with this blank slate space that sort of fell into my lap the week I took my business full time back in May. I'd shot a few times there before, but this session, with Nora's smiles and the simple color palette that popped so fabulously just really made my heart soar.

I've been craving more "heart soaring" moments as we're chin-deep in below zero temps here in Minneapolis. My daily uniform consists of about 3 pairs of socks and gloves and a hat and a furnace-style North Face coat and yet, I'm still freezing. 

So! What warms us up more than LOVE? 

I decided to hold my THIRD mini session date - this one's all about the LOVE! - at my studio on Sunday, February 10th from 10 am to 4 pm. If you and your sweetie need some updated photos or want to show the world how much you love each other, call me! Or if your kids are looking especially cute these days and you'd love nothing more than a sweet iPhone background of their smiling faces, email me!

Spots are limited (1 per hour, on the hour), so email me or comment here with your info to reserve a spot. Pricing is $225 this time around because my ultra-fabulous designer Rae is hand-crafting some loveable props and designs to showcase in your session, if you choose. And trust me, you will, because I can't get enough of these cuties and we're only in the beginning stages of creating them!


Hi there!

It's officially 2013 and whoa, do I have a lot to share - but first things first, thank you.

Because of all of YOU, 2012 was the best year yet, both personally and professionally. I made the big leap to full-time photography and almost immediately, business started booming and hasn't slowed down. I'm so incredibly grateful for all of you and the love you've spread on my behalf. Ya'll really should just pat yourselves on the back!

What does 2013 look like over here? Well, for one thing, it's big and bright and filled with glitter hearts! I'm filled with butterflies over what's going to be revealed in the coming weeks and months and I hope you are in for a really fun ride - I'll save room in the passenger seat for you, promise.

First things first, tomorrow I'm going to be debuting the images from Ben + Deirdre's wedding and be sure to scroll all the way down for an extra special dose of awesome. You won't want to miss this!!

Next'll have to wait and see! What's to come is something I'm so so proud of - I can't wait to share it with you!


On this freezing-your-tootsies-off cold November day, I'm dreaming of summer. And dreaming of this fabulous shoot with the Worley family. Because on days like today, when we're bundled up and stuck inside, I wish it was a perfect 75 degree night and I could wander through fields and climb trees and breathe in those final days of summer. 

I first met TC last year around this time after following his photography when I was a student at MCTC - and he's as true and cool as they come. He's half of the dream team over at Royal Antler and jets off around the world for these rad shoots for magazines like, oh, I don't know, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. I mean, no big deal, right? :)

But that's the thing. TC is totally unassuming and just rad. And then I met his crew: Bekah, Jack and Boone. And they rocked my non-existant-summer-socks off. 

Here's a little note I wrote them after our shoot:

Dear Worley family,

I wish in my biggest dreams that I could somehow, someway, photograph you four every day. The way you love on each other and have the utmost respect for each other and all of your dreams makes you hands down, one of the coolest, most genuine families around. My life is fuller having spent time in the woods together, walking and talking and you being you. You brought your A game from the very beginning and I couldn't have asked for more.

Jack and Boone? The way you face life with an unbridled sense of adventure is an overwhelming inspiration. Promise me one thing : you'll always stay this awesome. TC and Bekah? The way you are with each other and with the boys makes you hands down the raddest ever. You walked straight out of my ideal client dreams and into my lens. 

Thank you for giving me the shoot of a lifetime and we really hope you invite us back to climb that tree in your backyard soon. I promise I'll have more jokes and wear play clothes, as long as we can get marshmallow shakes.


I unofficially met the Sterners - John and Jen (not yet married or even engaged!) - during an engagement session with John's brother Mike and his fiancee Tonia in fall 2009. They lent their caramel apples for a few shots at this magical orchard session and I remember looking at them, thinking I'd really like to get to know them. 

Fast forward three years and I get an email inquiry about newborn photos from... John and Jen! I suppose those caramel apples really did the trick because soon after that day in the orchard, they were engaged and married! YAY! They were expecting their first child when their family was experiencing some health concerns. I heard through the Facebook grapevine that Tonia was organizing a barn dance and auction, so I sent a few sessions their way. John and Jen bid on a session, won it and once Alaina was born, they called me up!

And what they say is true: it's better to give than to receive. Or really any phrase about giving is true. Every single time I've donated a session, the family who has won it instantly wins the "favorite client ever" award and I leave feeling like I just gained some really awesome friends. John and Jen weren't any different!

From our Pinterest board of camping, book-reading, lifestyle-y inspiration shots, my heart was so full, it was bursting! They had their outfits picked out, their props chosen and we were ready to rock - but as newborn sessions often go, Lainy had to take a few minutes to eat before we continued shooting. I always take those quiet moments to ask about their story, how they met, how life is with a newborn, to continue building that relationship. Their story is unique and beautiful and lovely - and the overwhelming idea was that they knew the instant they met that it was it. They just knew. And they got married and found out they were pregnant. The love just never ends in the Sterner house - just the way I like it!

This branch of the Sterner clan never ceases to amaze me. I've worked with them twice now (six month Christmas baby photo shoot coming soon!) and I can honestly say that as soon as we part ways, I literally cry. Tears of absolute joy - they are so deeply in love with each other, with their amazing daughter and with life itself. I've laughed full-on belly laughs with these two and been so blessed by their friendship. When a client calls to say, "we want the Sydnee Bickett spin on our Christmas cards this year," you know you've got clients for life. 

So this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all the basics: faith, family, friends, food, shelter, employment. But over all of these things, I'm grateful for people like the Sterners. For all the families I've met this year who have opened their homes, their lives and their fabulous personalities to me and my camera. Whether I'm watching two families become one, a newborn smile, kids playing in the backyard or you pulling out on the stops on your mitzvah dancefloor - It's your faces smiling back at me and remembering your laughs during our time together that make everything worth it. 

Thank you.


Let me start by saying that I have been a cheerleader of this family for the last decade! When I make a list of things and people that fire me up and make me leap out of bed in the morning, it's people like these three. Their support and encouragement of this business has been unwavering and likewise, I love seeing their Facebook posts and photos of their growing family - every time we see each other, they're celebrating another beautiful milestone!

We celebrated Nolan's one year birthday with a session at the Minnehaha Falls - where we've been numerous times before and somehow, someway, each session looks a little bit different. Being the moving, grooving one year old he is, Nolan kept us laughing and smiling the entire session. Can you believe his cuteness?! Those eyes, his Toy Story Andy boots, his cowboy hat and that shirt just like his Dad. I adore these images, but even more, I adore the people in them.

These three are the reason why I'm doing this gig full-time. Telling their story and giving them these images feels like everything I was born to do. I'm so grateful for families like these guys, for the ability to do this "good work" and even more so for the gift they've given me: they trust me completely and are so open and honest when it comes to story telling. It's true that God has blessed them so richly and he will continue to do so - I can't wait to see how their story unfolds and I pray I get the honor and privilege of telling it!

I love you three. To infinity and beyond.